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One of our most useful campaigning tools is also a great help to anyone looking for a good pub to visit, whether locally to home or while travelling away from home. I am referring to whatpub.com, the national pub guide set up and maintained by CAMRA members. Currently there are over 35,000 real ale pubs listed, plus many more which do not presently have real ale. The detail for each pub is more extensive than any other online pub guide and, unlike other guides, no-one pays either for having an entry or for using the guide.

While it could be argued that no guide is ever entirely up to date, in practice whatpub.com needs the help of thousands of CAMRA members like you to ensure that it is helpfully accurate. This is where we request the assistance of our local members. What would be most helpful would be for members such as yourself to survey pubs where the detail is not up to date, including checking with bar staff the opening hours, the ownership of the pub (for example Punch, Enterprise, private ownership), regular and guest beers on offer, times when food is served and features and facilities of the pub. That level of help is the most useful, but also of great help is feedback of corrected information when you encounter an error in the current entry. Any person, including non-members, may feed back information on any entry in whatpub.com via a link near the bottom of the page of the entry. For example, I recently went to a pub hoping for a meal but found that the Sunday food times had changed to noon until 3pm, so I used the feedback link to pass on this information. This gets passed automatically to the Pubs Officer of the relevant branch for processing and it also tells them whether or not the information is from a CAMRA member.

Entries in whatpub.com are not limited to real ale pubs. The aim is for every pub and club to be listed, whether real ale or not, partly because we never know whether such a place might add real ale in future or change ownership for the better as has happened with many of our local pubs. We think we have at least a basic listing of every pub in our branch area but we know that we are missing many clubs, some of which now offer some very good ales and more than ever before allow non-members to go in and buy beer.

If you would like to help us in this mission, please find a survey form here:- Pub Survey Form (doc) Pub Survey Form (pdf) . The more important boxes have bold titles, optional boxes are titled in italics.

A list of our local pubs listed in order of survey dates is available at http://www.goo.gl/qcZHQN to help you choose pubs to survey and to see whether someone else has their name down to survey it in the near future. If you decide to survey a particular pub, please let the pubs officer know on ku.gro.armacnelloowyvaeh@sbup or via the link on the contacts page.